December 3, 2022
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Hiragana table
Katakana table
Mainichi-Kanji in German

Hiragana Table

This table contains the basic 46 hiragana characters, as well as the modified (assimilated), obsolete, and combined characters. Above each character the latin transcription is displayed.

a i u e o
ka ki ku ke ko kya kyu kyo
sa shi su se so sha shu sho
ta chi tsu te to cha chu cho
na ni nu ne no nya nyu nyo
ha hi fu he ho hya hyu hyo
ma mi mu me mo mya myu myo
ya yu yo
ra ri ru re ro rya ryu ryo
wa wi we wo
ga gi gu ge go gya gyu gyo
za ji zu ze zo ja ju jo
da dji dzu de do
ba bi bu be bo bya byu byo
pa pi pu pe po pya pyu pyo


  • The character 'wo' is pronounced 'o'.
  • The characters 'wi' and 'we' are no longer used.